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Julie The Cat Would Have Flashed The Leather So Hard On All Of These Artemi Panarin Snipes

Uhhhh hey, Breadman. How about you try going low blocker one time for me, huh? I mean congrats on being able to staple the puck to that top right corner a billion times in a row, but Julie The Cat would have a 1.00sv% against your ass if you try to go glove side that many times in a row. Just ask that simp Gunnar Stahl. 

Let this be a lesson to all you boys and girls out there. Top right may be fancy. It might be the shot that puts you on highlight reels and there may be no greater sound on the planet than that puck ringing right off the corner and into the back of the net. But low blocker? Well low blocker will always go. Might not be the sexiest shot in the game but boy oh boy is it effective. 

They don't ask how, they ask how many. Somebody should remind Panarin of that before somebody like Carter Hart has to do it himself. 

Sidenote: As a Flyers fan, I couldn't be more pumped that Yaroslav Askarov didn't end up in the Metro division in the draft. That goofy bastard catching with his right hand is going to throw off so many shooters. No thanks.