BREAKING: Ronaldo Has Tested Positive For Covid (And This Quote By A French Soccer Player Two Days Ago Looks Crazy Now)

Two days ago France/Portugal played a soccer match. Might seem like no big deal, except if you're Eduardo Camavinga who was able to land Ronaldo's jersey after the match. Pretty big deal for a younger player who obviously looked up to Ronaldo. Well, fast forward to this morning and insert the Curb Your Enthusiasm music

Yep, might want to go ahead and wash that. I know, I know. Not to say anything political, but If you tell me you have coronavirus, I'm going to tell you to wash a jersey. I don't care if Ronaldo wore it for one match. You just wash that shit. Probably should do that anyways, you don't want the smell, even if someone is willing to break into Ronaldo's house to steal a jersey. 

I'm shocked that coronavirus moved on to Ronaldo after attacking The Rock. What's this disease have against jacked dudes. You go after The Rock's biceps and now Ronaldo's legs? Seems like a crazy thing to do if you ask me. Everyone be safe and let's get this fucknut virus out of our lives ASAP.