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Mr. Serious Pants Iman Shumpert Had No Time For Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel At Media Day


Oh sorryyyyyy Mr. Shumpert sir, didn’t mean to crack a joke at fucking media day. Didn’t mean to ask one silly question amid hundreds of mundane, boring “how do you stop Steph Curry” questions. Jesus Christ on a crapper, could Shump be any less likable in that video if he tried? Is he really that scared about the NBA Finals that he can’t crack a smile and have a laugh for a second? The fact he really threatened to get the midget Mexican from Jimmy Kimmel kicked out is hilarious. That’s the Cleveland Cavs, folks. Just most unlikable group of self-obsessed millionaires on the planet. These athletes who think they are curing cancer and solving the mystery of life can kick rocks right off the side of the Earth. Oh sorry Shump, the Earth is round now? Warriors in 3.