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The Curling World Deserves An Apology After This Despicable Display On "Weakest Link"

Yeah yeah yeah. Tiffany (sup?) gave an absolutely awful answer to that question. In her defense, curling is chess on ice. But I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that Tiff didn't know that. But let's not focus our hatred and anger towards my girl Tiffany here (again, sup?). Instead, we need to demand an apology from the scumbags who are writing these questions for the Weakest Link. 

The frick do you mean "often-mocked" Olympic sport? You couldn't have just asked what is this Olympic sport? Who in their right mind is mocking Curling?

It is a beautiful game. A game of skill, intelligence, precision, and it just so happens you can crush a bunch of beer and pizza while playing and still be able to compete at an Olympic level. What's not to love about that? It is the people's game. A sport in which you don't need to have 6-pack abs and run a 4.4 40 to be elite. You just need to have the ice in your veins, and stones of steel to pull off masterclass shots like this. 

So I assure you, Weakest Link, nobody in their right mind is mocking curling. The only thing that fewer people are doing than mocking this beautiful game is watching your dumbass show. Apologize!