Walker Buehler Was Very Upset That a Reporter Asked About His Ridiculously Tight Pants

In what was a great NLCS Game 1 between the Braves and Dodgers, there was one prevailing topic of discussion online during the early innings: Walker Buehler's pants.

This was the first time I'd watched a full Dodgers game this season, so i don't know if this is an every start thing for him or what, but his pants were abnormally tight. And I couldn't get over what was going on at the bottom, either. The ankle cutoff baseball pants with short socks? Gross.

Well after a heartbreaking loss to open the series, one reporter asked Buehler about it following the game and boy, was he having none of it.

"Not the time or place, Michael," Buehler said.

getting a quote from Buehler about his pants would be a funny addition to a story I guess, but you have to know that after a Postseason loss, the odds of getting that quote are pretty slim. I suppose it never hurts to ask, though.

But seriously, we want to know what was up with the pants.