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Throwback Explosion Thursday - Gasoline Bonfire Gone VERY Wrong


This dude has to be dead right?!  I found this while looking for crazy explosion videos after the other two I posted earlier this week and had to save it for its own post.  Hard to believe a video like this really exists.  The guys voice joking around "Initiation sequence... 5, 4, 3, 2" - BOOM!!!!!! 

Holy shit!  I read in the description and comments and I guess they didn't die because nobody is even the slightest bit concerned with that possibility.  Just an incredible little slice of content from somewhere in the Heartland.  This video is from 2010 and I would be super interested in finding out these two's current whereabouts.  Between the potential burn damage that they incurred here and the probability that they do something this stupid again, their survival percentage has to be impossibly low compared to your average citizen.  I hope they are doing great and have moved on from live threatening stunts, but I'm just saying it is probably not likely.

Here is a similar experience in a more British style.

Say it with me... as long as there are people and cameras, there will be people playing with fire and it will sometimes go awry in the form of giant explosions.  As sure as the sun will come up, it will happen.  Be safe boys and girls!