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Stanford Professor (nerd) Finds Out He Won The Nobel Prize Via Creepy Ring Doorbell Camera

“Paul..... you’ve won the Nobel prize.”  

What a way to wake up in the middle of the night. “Am I dreaming” moment big time. I can’t wait until this happens to me. Well, that’s if they ever start listening to my ideas over at Nobel. Obviously, I’d be thrilled to receive an announcement that I’ve won the first ever Nobel prize in the new category of sucking dick through the Ring app.

If it wasn’t for Ring, I wouldn’t have the first clue who won a Nobel prize. Now I know it’s my friends Paul and Robert. Congrats to them and,  potentially, congrats to me.

Ps: what a fancy couple. If you travel to Stockholm, you’re fancy. It’s that simple.

Pss: this is what he won it for. Big deal.