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INSANE Video: Mountain Lion Stalks Hiker For 6 Straight Minutes


If this hiker didn't buy at least 67 lottery tickets on the way home he is wasting everybody's time.  Holy SHIT that was not a situation that you want to find yourself in.  The way it looks to me, this was a mother Mountain Lion that was just protecting her cubs and wanted this dude OUTTA there.  Like as far away as possible.  Much like a mother Bear protecting the cubs, there is not really a worse situation to stumble upon a dangerous animal in than a parent protecting their young, that's not breaking news.  Just a bad bounce all the way around.  

Most often, "attacks" from an animal like this would come out of nowhere, in complete surprise and the hiker would never see it coming.  Cougars make a living off of being completely stealthy, so the fact that this thing was showing itself so prominently most likely eliminates the type of attack where it grabs you by the jugular and never lets go.  He was still very far from out of the woods, and that doesn't mean that it wasn't ready to absolutely erase this dude's skin from his body with those claws, just that the mama Lion's ambition was more of a defense mission rather than an offensive one.  No matter what, its a BAD scenario to find yourself in.  Amazing footage though, I am very jealous I didn't get this video myself.  Must be a pretty good conversation at a party, "Hey want to see a Mountain Lion act like its going to kill me for half of an NBA quarter straight?" 

This could have gone a lot of different types of sideways and this dude has to be careful because he used up enough luck for 300 hikes.