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Taylor Hall Confirms That It's Impossible For Anybody To Root Against The City Of Buffalo

Out of all the cities in North American with major professional sports, Buffalo has to be the most universally loved. Or maybe "loved" isn't necessarily the right word, but universally adored. 

They have the perfect storm of everything it takes for people to not hate you. For starters, they have incredibly passionate fans. But so many other cities have super passionate fans as well, so that's nothing that is unique to Buffalo. So why do we hate the shit out of some passionate fans (i.e. Seattle fans) while simultaneously loving Buffalo fans like a bunch of cute little golden retriever puppies running around getting drunk at 9am and jumping through tables?

Well for starters, Buffalo has sucked so hard for so long. I'm not saying that to be mean. I'm simply stating a fact that it is super easy to love a loser. The same exact reason why there is nothing easier on the planet than to hate Yankees fans. Not that the Yankees have won at any point in the last decade but it's still a franchise with a ton of rings, regardless if the majority of them were won before the invention of cable television. 

Now I'm also not saying that the fact that Buffalo has been dealing with so much sports misery for so long is the reason why it's so hard to root against the city and their fans. Let's just use Philadelphia for an example here. There have been plenty of years here in Philly where all 4 teams have sucked all the ass in the world. Buffalo just has the Bills and Sabres shattering their hearts into a million pieces. While the Eagles and Flyers break our hearts, the Sixers are kicking us in the dick and the Phillies are blasting us in the ass. But you'll never hear anybody not from Philly who is pulling for us, and that's because our fans are all a bunch of assholes. We are just a very hate-able breed of people. But Buffalo folk just like to get drunk, have a good time, and support the squad. Which makes them so lovable that even players around the league who don't play in Buffalo are rooting for them. 

But here's the thing. The Bills are looking like a fucking force this season. Josh Allen is a beast and can have that team looking real good for real long. Meanwhile, Kevyn Adams is already making a ton of really smart decisions with the Buffalo Sabres and it looks like he's finally putting that franchise on the path to success. You bring in a ton of leadership with Eric Staal and a ton of talent with Taylor Hall, that makes your job of fixing the rest of the holes on that team a whole lot easier. So it'll be real interesting to see what happens with Buffalo if all of a sudden their teams start to be in contention every year. Will they still be the lovable idiots jumping through tables even when they're playing for conference championships? Or will the nation turn on them just like we tend to turn on everybody else who starts to have success? I honestly don't know, but it's looking like we'll find out one way or another. 

Sidenote: Hallsy saying all the right things to make sure he's a fan favorite the moment he steps foot in Buffalo. Smart man.