While We Are Making Announcements, I'd Like To Say Fuuuuuuuuck The EIC For Ruining My Year If Not My Entire Life

What Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke, commonly referred to as The Notorious EIC or simply The EIC by only the biggest of Thrones fans, did to me and every Game of Thrones fan last year should be considered criminal. Her character going from the breaker of chains that everyone was rooting for to the queen of ashes that became the true villain of the show simply because she lost a couple of lizard children in a two front war (which as history has taught us, is never a good idea to start) completely invalidated hours upon hours of classic television. 

We are currently in the midst of a global pandemic where everyone has been forced to stay in their homes as much as their sanity will allow and I haven't seen one person say "You know what I'd like to do? Rewatch Game of Thrones from the beginning again". That is a testament to just how far a show that had a chance to be the legitimate GOAT has fallen in just a year because they not only failed to stick the landing but burst into flames King Landing style while doing so. Meanwhile, Avengers: Endgame nailed the landing so perfectly that people have been spending their quarantine either watching or rewatching countless MCU movies as well as the last hour of that film that is better than anything Thrones had that last season.

Of course Thrones fans will say that Dany becoming the Mad Queen was written in the stars AKA in George R.R. Martin's head since that bearded slowpoke sure as shit doesn't seem like he's going to write it himself and that it was not Emilia's fault that Benioff & Weiss decided to smash the Fast Forward button on the moon of Khal Drogo's life losing her shine as well as her sanity when she lost her entire inner circle due to various battles, which in turn ruined my 2019 if not my entire life because I fell so deeply in love with that show. But as far as I know, neither Benioff nor Weiss' initials are EIC (I honestly forget their first names as well as which is which every time I talk about them), which kinda defeats the whole purpose of this blog in the first place. So I gotta slander my beloved Emilia, even if I don't mean it in order to get a few pageviews, which unfortunately is part of the blogging game. I know longtime Game of Thrones fans KMarko and Coley Mick would agree with me on that one.

Click Burglar Clem...OUT!!!

While I'm here, I'd like to sincerely thank Keith for all he did for me as a Barstool reader before becoming EIC and all he did for me as a blogger during his time as EIC as well as a congratulations to Coley Mick on a big boy title for a big man that will no doubt crush the role as someone who was raised by this digital smut rag back when it was literally a rag at a pizza shop.