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Looking Back On The Infamous Sopranos Columbus Day Episode

Season 4. Episode 3. Christopher. 

One of the most controversial episodes The Sopranos ever put out. I, for one, have always found it interesting. It was the closest to reality The Sopranos crew ever got. You can't really relate to a Mafia crew, but everyone has seen fights over Columbus.

It started outside Satrialles. Tony's crew looks at Christopher Columbus as a hero and anyone looking to protest their parade was an enemy. To no one's surprise Tony's crew? Not the most advanced in their understandings of history.

We learned about Silvio not liking Columbus, "In Napoli, lot of people are not so happy for Columbus." This goes back to the disconnect between those from the north and south of Italy. I didn't realize this was a real issue until watching The Sopranos and the recent Maradona doc on HBO.

Later on in the episode, we had the scene between Tony and AJ as Howard Zinn was being read. 

"So you finally read a book and it's bullshit" always gets a good laugh out of me.

Then, of course, we have the scene was Artie tries to be tough, but ends up running away to the car like a child:

And to finish it all off, Tony gives us the quote he's said multiple times throughout the series, "whatever happened to Gary Cooper?"

"He was gay, Gary Cooper?" Fucking Moltisanti. One of the most absurd scenes in Sopranos history, but I thought it showed the crew perfectly. Silvio complaining. Tony complaining about Silvio complaining. Christopher not keeping up. Classic Sopranos.