There's Nothing Quite Like A Little Backyard Explosion

"Hey honey what was that noise?"

"Oh nothing just a small mushroom cloud from that nice young man next door doing a quick detonation in the backyard for absolutely no reason at all"

I mean I can't tell whether this was EXACTLY what this kid meant to do, or if that exceeded his expectations by a multiple of 10.  I will be the first one to admit, I love the shit out of a some at-home pyrotechnics.  You take a little bug spray, you get some lighter fluid, and you make a flamethrower to scorch everything you can possibly dispose of.  One of the most fun days growing up was when my Dad built a firepit in the backyard for us to burn (non toxic) trash in.  I'd gladly help him chop wood and gather flammable shit all weekend, and then we would light up some Mt. Saint Helens Fire Flames later that night.  I don't know if there's anything more satisfying than creating a huge contraption and setting it ablaze and then sitting back and going "woah shit thats crazy", its a tale as old as time itself.  I have a feeling videos like this, while very unsafe and misguided, will exist for many decades to come.

As long as they sell lighters and gasoline, there will be a portion of the population who can't help themselves from answering the fateful question... "what if we pour gas on all of this and throw a match on it?".  It may not be right, but its the way it is.