Baker Mayfield Makes History: Tied With Big Ben For Most Wins Ever At Browns Stadium

First off, yes, it's FirstEnergy Stadium. I am not calling it that in the headline. Get a better sponsor!

Secondly, this statistic needs to be killed with fire. It's easily one of the Top 3 most embarrassing facts constantly brought up about the Cleveland Browns.

The even more pathetic thing about this stat? They tweeted this graphic in 2017! Big Ben has held the record for three years. Cleveland has four more home games to really help Baker separate himself from Ben in this statistic, but don't put it past them to give the man a chance to reclaim his title with a 12th victory in Week 17.

While I do love a good crazy Browns stat, anyone who reads my blogs will know this, I am sick and tired of these and need this team to put them all to bed. Everything with the Browns is "first time since this," the "last time they did this," and it's been going on ever since Baker Mayfield stepped on the field against the Jets. I love a good CBS graphic showing the FRIENDS cast in comparison to the Browns' last 4-1 start

It would give me less to write about in my game previews, but holy shit this team just needs to be good for once. Which, don't get me wrong, this is a start!

(Thanks for the pass, Phil)

Just please be good. You don't even need to win the Super Bowl, Browns, just be good!

Anyway… Victory Monday. Go Browns.