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It's Time To Put Dirty Dangles In The X-Games

You know how everybody always thinks about what it would be like if Wayne Gretzky and Tony Hawk had a baby? Well wonder no more because it's here. Big Air Dirty Fuckin' Dangles. Silk and shred, boys. Silk and shred. 

Just imagine the possibilities here. You get some absolute wizard like Linus Omark or Rob Schremp out there on the mega ramp? We're talking about the potential for a Michigan McTwist. Maybe even a between the legs Michigan McTwist. Or how about a Datsyuk 900? 

I mean, sure, it takes some decent hands to be able to smack that puck out of the air. Clearly a lot more difficult than it looks here. But give me a summer of some of the dirtiest danglers on the planet just ripping the mega ramp at Camp Woodward and it'll be ready for the XGames. Best part is you can have it in the summer and winter. 

P.S. - Here's that ramp. Pretty rad.