European Leaders Ask Jeff Bezos If He's Spying On Them As If There's A Chance That He Isn't


The letter, from 37 members of the European parliament, said they were concerned Amazon deliberately targeted workers seeking to organise, and also questioned whether the company had “spied” on politicians.

Trade unions last week called for a European commission investigation into whether Amazon’s monitoring of workers was legal, after two job posts on the US company’s website advertised “intelligence analyst” roles that referred to “labor organizing threats against the company”. The advertisements, aimed at candidates with law enforcement or military experience, also mentioned the monitoring of “hostile political leaders”.

The posts grouped organised labour with hate groups and terrorism, two illegal activities, and listed French and Spanish language skills among the preferred qualifications, suggesting European workers could be targets.

EU Politicians: Uhh, hey Jeff...we saw this email got leaked. Umm...are you spying on us?

Jeff Bezos: No

Jeff Bezos internally:

The people who have been using "meta data" probably collected by big tech firms like Amazon JUST realized that maybe Big Tech may be doing the same thing to them. Remember in old spy movies the lengths that people would go to in order to plant a listening device somewhere for the purposes of spying? Breaking in, trying to set up microphones and cameras, and get out before anyone knew they were there. Or getting a witness to flip and wear a wire without getting caugh/murdered by the people they were spying on. People have always gone to great lengths to get information recorded. If you think Bezos and the others aren't using their considerable tools to get information that is gift wrapped for them on their devices that people willingly and stupidly use all the time then those people deserve to get spied on. 

Bezos of all people is DEFINITELY going to spy on foreign leaders because foreign leaders spying on him is how he got busted for cheating on his wife and cost him 38 BILLIONS DOLLARS in a divorce settlement. I feel like people don't even know about that. Saudi Arabia leaked his texts with his mistress and that is how he got caught. High stakes game which we talked about on Dogwalk last summer

Bezos and the former Mrs Bezos had their net worth grow by a cool 12 billion dollars ahead of Amazon Prime day. Decent day. There's no way Bezos isn't using everything at his disposal to protect his assets and business. He's the king of the world and EU leaders are simply pawns that he moves around and moves where he wants because he knows the sex toys the order and gifts they give to their mistresses. It happened to him, he has to be doing it to others. That's how you become an untouchable 21 century villain.