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This Email Showing Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry Being Racist On a Conference Call Is The Real Reason Bruce Levenson Is Selling The Team

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We all knew there would be more to come out of this story. Nobody just self-reports a semi-racist email and says they are selling a professional franchise out of nowhere. And now we know why. And how did we not see it coming? Of course it was Danny Ferry. Classic Duke. Should have seen it coming from a million miles away. Wouldn’t trust Ferry further than I can throw him, and that would amount to 0 feet 0 inches. So now I guess the entire Hawks franchise is in disarray. No wonder they snuck in that other email at 12:59 on the opening NFL Sunday. But like always, the truth comes out. Kind of makes you wonder why the owner Bruce Levenson didn’t just fire Ferry and call him a racist to begin with though. I can’t solve that riddle. I guess he didn’t want to deal with the headache? Regardless, I’m sure there are more emails that will be leaked and more details. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this one works out. PS owners: stop covering stuff up. The Internet will figure it out in the end.


PS: Wikipedia is already on it.

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