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Blackhawks Sign Mattias Janmark In Another Move That Doesn't Fit With Any Plan

I'll be honest with you guys, I am getting tired of blogging about the Blackhawks this off-season because it is nothing but white flags, incompetence, and anger. That's not fun. I want to be excited about something. Under normal circumstances I would've been excited about Mattias Janmark being added into the fold. He's a solid defensive forward who can play wing or center. He's a very good penalty killer and he's tough to play against. The Blackhawks need more guys like him to spruce up the team defense which was the worst in the NHL last year. He will help keeps pucks out of their net. That is a good thing. 

Having said that...the Blackhawks don't seem to care about keeping pucks out of their net

Both Janmark and Zadorov help the Blackhawks be better defensively, at least on paper. But if you're interested in keeping pucks out of your net, then why did they let a top 10 goalie walk away for peanuts without a viable starting option anywhere near the roster? Doesn't make any sense. Signing Janmark and adding Zadorov is like patching a hole in the sails of a boat, but ignoring the raging fire on the deck. 

The Blackhawks also have Strome(still need to re-sign), Shaw, Pius Suter, Ryan Carpenter, David Kampf, Alex Nylander, Matthew Highmore, etc to fill out the bottom 6. Janmark isn't a top 6 guy. None of those guys I mention are. There's some redundancies. If the Blackhawks are looking to rebuild the Zadorov and Janmark moves don't really help with that. So what is the point? What is the plan? This doesn't make any sense and that is why it does. Stan has been throwing darts for years. Changing lanes. Shifting blame. He stinks. Have a good day.