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BREAKING: There Was Apparently An MLB ALCS Playoff Game Last Night

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According to the Elias Sports Bureau, 90% of baseball fans still find out about the previous day's baseball games through the newspaper. JK, that was an age joke since Major League Baseball has been seemingly trying to kill its younger demographic for years. Please don't cancel me.

There are very few rushes that feel as good as breaking news to people, which is why I wanted to let everyone know that there was a baseball playoff game last night that the Rays won 2-1 vs. the Astros. An ALCS game no less! I know, I'm as surprised as you guys are! Apparently Jose Altuve hit a first inning home run off of Blake Snell before Snell settled down and got the win after giving up that one earned run in 5 innings. The Rays bullpen shut down the Astros bats the rest of the way while renowned Yankees killer Randy Arozarena hit a bomb of his own while Mike Zunino drove in what would turn out to be the game-winning run. That was your Magic Johnson Twitter recap of this game.

I fully realize we live in a world overflowing with information from a zillion different sources and news stories can slip through the cracks. I personally rely on my Twitter feed to give me the information that's important to me since I curated it by choosing who I follow and I have a crippling addiction to social media. But despite all that, I truly had no fucking clue there was a Championship Series game on last night. Part of that is because there was an entertaining NFL game on and the Lakers won an NBA championship that involved both LeBron James and JR Smith celebrating. However, as someone who likes to think of himself as still a pretty decent baseball fan, despite his favorite team trying to beat the love of the game out of him for pretty much his entire life, that also works at Barstool SPORTS should have known there was a Final Four baseball playoff game taking place. 

I may not be a baseball lunatic like Carrabis and realize this is a fraudulent season where the only thing that matters is that Uncle Stevie is coming. But you think at some point, there would have been enough of a presence of baseball on social media that I would have at least had an inkling that Game 1 of a playoff baseball game was on, even if tweets about Sunday Night Football and the NBA Finals did their best to wash it off the timeline. I suppose you can make a case that the Yankees not being in the ALCS was a huge factor in this, even though the Astros feel like the most talked about baseball team if not sports team of 2020. But if the Yankees being eliminated means that an ALCS game essentially makes as much noise on social media in an awesome sports night as a tree falling in the woods with nobody around, that's a trade I am willing to make every single time. Thankfully this scumbag is an Angel of Death for his own team in the playoffs.

Then again, it seems like Major League Baseball's digital team number 1 focus over the last 5+ years has been to make sure that every fan realizes that any rebroadcast, retransmission, or account of a game without the express written consent of Major League Baseball, is prohibited on Twitter and the commissioner called the trophy named after him that every player works their whole life for is just a piece of metal. So I guess congrats MLB?