Oh No You Guys, The Lightning's In Arena Host 3rdLegGreg Called Me Out On Facebook, ON FACEBOOK!

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First we had the Uptown Puck song and now this? No mas Lightning, I can’t handle this. I can’t take 3rdLegGreg calling me out on Facebook. What if everyone’s aunt and grandmother sees? What if people “like” the post and it gets sandwiched in someones newsfeed between Nana’s meatloaf and your ex-girlfriend’s 10,000 picture of her newborn? What then Greg? Did you think of that? Have a heart man, how will I ever recover.




Yo for real though, Greg gets chicks, you can tell by his twitter background. So many chicks man, chicks on chicks on chicks.



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Hey wait a second, do you think the 3rdLegGreg nickname is because he has a HUGE dick??? Wow, didn’t even piece that one together. Me and my tiny penis boom roasted yet again.