Sometimes You Gotta Punch a Man In The Face If He Doesn't Let You Pet His Dog

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Orlando – A 22-year-old Ormond Beach man was arrested late Saturday on suspicion of punching another man over the petting of dogs. Shae Olea was arrested on battery charges. According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, a man and a woman were carrying groceries from the Publix on Ocean Shore Boulevard in Ormond Beach when Olea tried to pet their dogs. The man said he didn’t want one of his dogs to bite Olea, so he told Olea not to pet them, according to deputies. The man then stepped between his dogs and Olea, who punched the man in the face, deputies said. Olea took off on a bike but was found a short time later by a deputy.  Olea claimed that he “did not batterize anybody” before saying, “It’s a good thing I got money, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Olea said he had consumed three beers but said he wasn’t drunk.

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Lots of questions here.

Question 1, does anything good ever happen as a result of Publix? It’s every day now, some sort of hijinx and/or tomfoolery taking place at a Publix. I was going to say Publix needs to figure their shit out, but that’s the charm of Publix. You go there and you never know what you’re gonna see. It’s a hotspot for recklessness.

Question 2, is it legal to bring your dogs into public and not allow people to pet them? I always thought part of being a dog owner was you have to let people pet your dogs because dogs=happiness. It’s simply not kosher to deny people the right to pet your dogs. Everyone loves petting dogs, dogs love being pet. Which leads us to question 3…

Question 3, how are these dogs out in public if they are a known threat to bite someone? I guess this circles back to question 1, how it’s Publix so anything goes. People are just ho hum bringing their rabid dogs to the supermarket. Pet it and die.


So yea, I think our boy Shae up there was in the right to allegedly batterize a fool for not letting him get a casual dog pet in. Good thing he’s rich as fuck and will be able to fight for justice.