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This 10-Year-Old Football Player Will Get You Ready to Attack the Week

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10-year-old Lane Bridges of the Eastland mavericks football team has me ready to go this morning. If you need a little jolt to get up and going on this Monday, attack today with the same passion this kid has leading his team into battle against the Cisco Lobos.

"When we get on that field, let's show those Cisco Lobos how to be a Maverick! Let's show them that we can beat them on their home field, on our home field, we can beat them anywhere. We'll go to New England, for goodness' sake, play in the snow and still beat them."

Hell yeah. The Cisco Lobos never stood a chance going up against a team led by this warrior. My man was ready to go play in New England!

Attack this week like Lane is going to prepare for the Mavericks' next opponent.