"Big Hairy American Winning Machine" And "Mama Didn't Raise No Wussy"? Cocky Baker Mayfield Is SO Back

He's baaaaaaaaaack!

Listen, I've said since Day 1: there is no one in the entire NFL that I would rather win with than Baker Mayfield. He's a great winner. So good at it. I mean, he's always got one liners up his sleeve. He's got pregame dances and drum solos in the arsenal. His celebration runs all over the field with his arms swinging are fun to watch. He's crafty, too. Like, his Rex Ryan "foot in my mouth" comment was very pre-meditated. He's no dummy. And he'll not so subtlety tell you that he has a list of people in the media that have doubted him. Baker has always been fun to win with....dating all the way back through college.

So yeah, forget the fact the Baker threw a couple very untimely picks yesterday. His 2nd half was terrible, but at the end of the day, the scoreboard read Cleveland 32, Indianapolis 23. And by my calculations that meant the Browns won the football game.

Oh my god, where's the champagne? We have a CELEBRATION in order!

WOW!!! What a ride this has been. At 16-18 as a starter, with TWELVE (12!!!) wins coming in Cleveland, Baker Mayfield has broken the record folks. Move over, Ben Roethlisberger. This is Baker's team now. Tell the world how good you are, 6!!

Now I'll be honest: I am a little nervous about having a cocky Baker heading into a big game against the 4-0 Steelers. I like my Baker a very certain way: pissed off and disrespected. Back against the wall Baker plays best. And right now we've got ourselves a VERY fat (not literally anymore) Baker Mayfield. Listen, I've been spot on in every single way this year when it comes to the Cleveland Browns. I know this team like the back of my hand. And I'm not ready to make my prediction for this week just yet, but I'll just say this: I hope someone in the media gives undersized, overweight, arrogant Baker Mayfield some ammo this week. He's not as good of a QB when he thinks he's good.