This Ref That Refused To Call A Hold On The Cowboys Needs To Be Thrown In Jail For Life, Kicked Out Of The Country And Investigated For Treason

What the fuck was this? Watching it live the entire house screamed 'hold' and then 'ah, yeah, ref is calling it. Hand in pocket.' Was he just scratching his balls? Adjusting his whitey tighties. This is bullshit to the highest degree. I don't care if the Giants blew the lead. It's a clear as fuck hold and the ref wanted to call it. What happened? Until there's something that gets explained this ref needs to be thrown in jail, kicked out of the country and tried for treason. He's worse than Benedict Arnold. He's worse than Mike Mussina joining the Yankees. He's worse than anything I've seen since Rich Garcia and Jeffrey Maier. Kick him the fuck outta here and make him answer this. Where's the hold?!?