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It's With Great Dishonor That I Announce My Colts Lost To The Cleveland Browns

Where's the bleach? Where's the fleshlight? Give me something to take my mind off the edge this instance! I know we only lost by 9 but we just got dogged in the Dawg House. The Browns? The fucking Browns?? The team that Ohio's Tate makes a financial living off of? I remember being in an Uber last year in Columbus and I asked my driver, "Will the Browns ever be good?" and he said "The Browns could trade and draft the greatest players but at the end of the day, the Browns will be the Browns". And those Browns got the dub. Even though this game sucked, I want to highlight all of the best plays from our offense today.

That's it. That was our first and last touchdown we'd see from this offense. Old man Rivers would throw a Pick 6, another INT, and throw the ball out of bounds in the endzone that would result in a safety. Was it entirely Rivers fault for running a play action on his own 4 yard line? Nope, that's a problem on the coaches side. The run game was non existent but we should've seen this coming considering the Browns are #1 in rushing yards allowed. Just a flat out embarrassing day for the offense. 

What about the defense you may ask? 

The defense did NOT play like the #1 defense they are (or were). In their defense (no pun intended) the offense was so bad they truly had to carry this team on their back all day. Baker threw 2 interceptions on us but we still allowed 124 yards rushing and 265 yards passing. Not having Darius Leonard on the field with the addition of Julian Blackmon leaving the game didn't help either. You can't put the blame on the defense, but you can't be happy with them either.

This was the toughest competition for the Colts and it didn't make it any easier for them having Darius Leonard, Michael Pittman Jr, and Anthony Castonzo out. Fucking Browns man. I'm just happy Hot Rod made all of his field goals. It's all you can ask for these days since we don't like scoring TD's in the red zone. Bring back Andrew or let's give Jacob Eason a shot. If neither of those work then let's take Jacoby Brisket out of the freezer and throw him back on the grill. On to the Bengals. Go horse and go Jeremy Chinn