Caitlyn Jenner Once Tried To Set Jordan Spieth Up With Kendall Jenner And Spieth Declined

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Now I know what you’re probably thinking. “Good for him!  Good for Jordan!  Smart guy.  You don’t wanna get mixed up with those girls and that family.  They’re horrible, awful people.  Smartest move Jordan ever made. He’s better off.”  To those people I say: Shut up.  Just shut the fuck up.  This is the first big mistake Jordan has made in his career.  Not taking a run at Kendall Jenner when Caitlyn was serving her up on a platter for him is beyond dumb.


In case you forgot, this is what Kendall Jenner looks like


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I’m not saying he had to date her.  But at least go on a couple dates and try to get it in.  You’re Jordan Spieth (this probably happened pre-green jacket but fuck it).  This is part of what being a famous athlete is all about.  If he didn’t want to do it for himself, do it for us lowly Average Joes who will never be able to get within 50 miles of Kendall Jenner.  Take one for the team.  Maybe even get Kylie to join you guys and have a good ol’ fashioned threesome.  All I’m saying is having the superpower of being a desirable professional athlete who can have sex with models and not using it is like if Superman was like, “No, I don’t need to fly.  I’ll just take the bus.”  Use your superpower, Jordan!  Use it!



PS- Bullshit on the part where Jordan said he didn’t know who they were.  That plays fine with the blind, deaf and dumb media members but he 4000% knew who they were.


h/t brandon