If Aaron Donald Says Alex Smith's "Motherfucking Leg Is Strong" Then I Guess Alex Smith's Leg Is Strong

You know what? I am officially saying Alex Smith's leg is #back. Because much like Dave Portnoy has become the official face of pizza quality, Aaron Donald has become the world renowned expert on the trait of strength. You get that honor when you routinely toss the most athletic 300+ pound humans on the planet around like they are pillows. 

The biggest winners in all this outside of Alex Smith? The gaggle of doctors that performed the surgeries on Alex Smith's leg. Keep your Yelp reviews or word of mouth suggestions. Aaron Donald saying the leg you salvaged from potential amputation is "strong" is the biggest medical accomplishment since Emperor Palpatine's surgeons were able to turn Anakin Skywalker's burnt remains into the unstoppable force known as Darth Vader.