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Alex Smith Has Entered The Game. He Has Completed A Pass. He Has Been Sacked And Jogged Off The Field. It's All Amazing.


This is fucking crazy. I know I've blogged a lot about it. And it never ceases to amaze me. Every time. Alex Smith nearly lost not only his leg, but his life. He had 17 surgeries. There's a picture of his shattered leg out there that you won't believe is real. And now...he's back. Kyle Allen got concussed out of the game, and Alex is back. In front of his wife, kids, and everyone. It's amazing. And then he completed a pass. And then Aaron Donald jumped on his back and sacked him, and he got right up. It's all incredible.

This is how I felt watching him line up under center. If you watched the documentary, this is probably how you felt too. It's all insane.



I could not be happier for Alex, his family, and everyone involved. Just absolutely crazy what we're seeing. Alex Smith is back. My goodness.