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Bill Burr Pissed Off a LOT Of People With His SNL Monologue

Bill Burr is the goddam best. Just the GOAT. Went on a show with a bunch of woke ass fans and relentlessly made fun of woke ass people. Garnering reactions like this:

I mean he hit for the cycle on this one:

White women….check

Gay people….check

Cancel culture…check

Corona Virus…check

I mean talk about not giving a FUCK. And he murdered all of it. Just had a worried, neutered crowd who was afraid to laugh at it. When you do Bill Burr material for non Bill Burr fans you're gonna get a lot of nervous laughter and a lot of backlash. But Bill knew that all going in and said fuck it, lets do it. Probably picked some extra awkward shit like defending John Wayne and admitting to not knowing what Gay Pride is and clowning on the dramatic white women of the world specifically knowing that it would rile those people up. Never mind the fact that he balanced it out by making fun of anti-mask people and defended people of color, we'll just ignore that and focus on the bit about praising bullying! Get outta here. Thats about as balanced of a Bill Burr act as you're gonna get and you motherfuckers got it for free! As a matter of fact, THEY might have paid YOU to see Bill Burr perform stand up! Laugh!

And I've even seen some alleged Bill Burr fans saying that Bill's material killed but he's guilty of not knowing his audience and picking his act accordingly. Like he should have handled them with kid gloves. Like HE should cater his material to THEM. Are you fucking insane? Do you think Bill Burr has gotten to a point where he gets invited to SNL by allowing the audience to dictate his humor? For sure not. Thats the ultimate irony here:

In order to get big enough to host SNL, you have to be unapologetically funny and grow a tremendously large audience and following…and then when you get selected to host, and do that same unapologetic act, the SNL audience clutches their pearls and tries to cancel you. 

Such is life, I suppose. The best part is I can assure you Bill Burr doesnt give a SINGLE fuck about the SNL crowd. He checked off his Bucket List item and has no use for them. They'll treat him like John Wayne and hes probably just fine with that. When art imitates life…when life imitates art. Bill becomes John Wayne…Bill transforms into the grandparents with the scary, antiquated opinions…You either bomb or crush long enough to become your material. Poetic if you ask me.