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Reader Email - Do You Root For Your Friends and Family To Get Hole In Ones?


Reader Email

El Pres,

Just wanted to send this pic to you of the Closest to Pin sheet on hole #17 at Kernwood today during our Ladies Invitational. One of our favorite guests just had a Hole in One, Linda Portnoy. We thought we would share this with you from your some of your biggest fans.

Pro Shop Staff at Kernwood




Well this is a stunning development.  Just stunning.  I guess my mom just got a hole in one a couple minutes ago?  I’m sort of happy for her, but I’m never gonna hear the end of it. Also now mine will be devalued when I get one. Like nobody remembers the 2nd guy to land on the moon.  She’s the first Portnoy to get a hole in one. Stunning development.   Just stunning.  I feel like she should have won a car or something for getting it during a tournament too. And to answer the question I generally do root against hole in ones.  I played with McShay once when he got a hole in one.  Legit ruined my week.  I generally root against success for everybody but myself.  At least I don’t have to worry about my dad beating me to one though since he lays up on par 3’s.   Hey dad boom roasted.


PS – Such a cocky thing to write on a closest to the pin sheet.   That’s the Portnoy mojo.   Like hey Ethel Hess take a hike bitch.