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Girl Tries To Prank Boyfriend By Saying He's Pregnant..Whoops He's Sterile And Broke Down In Tears

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 10.52.59 AM


Suspension of disbelief on full blast here because I just want this to be real so bad. I’ve been doing online blog things for way too long now and when they first started they all seemed and probably for the most part were real; just simple pranks caught on video like has been done since the days of Candid Camera. Then guys got weird and started pranking people in the hood and it got to the point where maybe someone might die over it. But frankly I’d rather see ones like this where people just lie to each other’s faces at the risk of ruining their relationships and futures with loved ones just for our amusement. Text messages and such are fine but I need to see it on video to feel better about my shitty life. Just real life drama for no reason, that’s what I want out of my Internet.


Counterpoint for it being really obviously fake:




That’s one hell of an Eastern European “cry now or I’ll make you cry” expression if I’ve ever seen one. Say what you will but sterile American flag shirt bro is committed to the art, a true Borscht Belt Stella Adler if I’ve ever seen one.