Rate My Bar Mitzvah Playlist CD

Didn’t think I’d be blogging my Bar Mitzvah playlist today but here I am. It appears someone sent Carrabis my CD from 2006. Just a wild move to hang onto that for all these years. I NEED to know who did it. That being said, the songs on this bad boy were worth hanging onto so I get it. 

I mean where are you gonna find It’s Going Down, Carry On My Wayward Son, Here Comes the Boom, and Highway Star all in the same playlist? Nowhere that’s where. One of a kind track list from 2006. You hit play on that bad boy and you are going to have a good time. Some of the songs/artists not even spelled right. The grammar on the title isn’t even close to being correct. And the picture? By the fire, staring right into your soul. Irresistible some would say. I mean that’s where this all becomes a once and a lifetime gift bag. You got a draw string bag, a t shirt, and this CD. Fucking right we were poor, but my Bar Mitzvah was the shit. First floor of a club turned into a casino with blackjack, poker, roulette, and crap tables. Upstairs was the real club that was Yankee themed obviously. Of course I’ll always remember Mariano Rivera blowing a save in Oakland that day, but that’s cause I’m fucked up in the head. Anyways, just a nice little trip down memory lane as I try to forget last night.   

P.S. We decided I was going to do this whole thing 3 months before the actual Bar Mitzvah date. I went to hebrew school for two hours before I texted my dad to pick me up. We never went back. Hired some dude to teach me how to read the torah in phonetic English. Completely cheated the system just so my grandpa could see me do it before he kicked the can. I remember being up there legit reading “Ba-Ruch Ah-Ta Ah-Dow-Ny” while the two people next to me had real hebrew lettering in front of them. I’ve never felt like more of an alpha. Not sure anyone outside of my main family knows I did this, so surprise if you’re reading this!