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Ji-Man Choi's Troll Game: Elite

When you realize the Ji Man isn't calling the Astros trash but instead zinging their alleged use of banging trash cans

I have no problem admitting I know very little about Ji-Man Choi since I live in my little personal bubble during baseball season where I only care about my team and division. But Big Baby Choi boom roasting the two most hated teams in baseball while sucking on a mangled stogie like Tony Soprano tells me he is a bad mamma jamma that don't give an F about nothin!

Of course some people will say the Rays celebrating an ALDS win in an empty, neutral stadium like they vanquished the Yankees in Game 7 of the World Series is a little much. But when you beat a team who you have been feuding with for years and the guy that hit the game-winning homer happened to hit it off the guy that threw a baseball 101 MPH at his head earlier this season, this is going to be the result.

Yankees fans likely know their team will do whatever is possible to make it back to this exact moment next year while the other 29 fanbases get to enjoy the magical day where they all celebrate the annual death of baseball's evil empire together. Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure the king of Yankees fan trolls didn't tweet last night so he could talk shit on full rest today because I see no less than 8 hours of KFC vs. The Lords of the 27 Rings in my timeline’s future.

Also, can anybody verify if this video is real or not?