Another Year, Another Season Where The Yankees Destroy My Soul

Christian Petersen. Getty Images.

Rays 2 Yankees 1 (Rays win ALDS 3-2)

Sadness. Eternal sadness. Another year, another season the offense just goes silent when you need them most. Of course it had to be Brosseau. It had to be him. Fucking Chapman. What the fuck is your deal man? Stop giving up homers that end the season and want me to die. Fastball right down the pipe, blasted no doubter. Offense went silence in the top of the 9th. Just a gut punch that rips your insides out and pisses on them in your face. Fuck everything. Gerrit Cole pitched his ass off and it was all for nothing. You got to score runs to win this kind of game. Ideally more than one. Judge's home was the only offense this team could come up with. Three hits, nothing after the Hicks single in the 6th. They never came close to threatening after Voit struck out with two men on in the 6th. Just a gutless performance from the bats. Pitching held their own, just couldn't get anything going offensively. 

I've got nothing man. Heart ripped out and stomped on as you all want. Fuck sports. Just takes years off your life and we all just sign up for it every year knowing this is how it's going to end. Fuck everything. Life is pointless. 

P.S. Would rather win the World Series with fans at Yankee Stadium. Duh. Okay I'm back, not really though.