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The Bruins Tribute To Torey Krug Is Making Me Sad On A Friday Night

This has me sad for a handful of reasons, but mostly because I already miss Krug.

1. Krug is an unreal defender and the #5 scoring defenseman over the last 4 NHL seasons. He's a fucking GAMER and is gonna be missed sorely on the ice, but I think he'll be missed even more in the locker room. That Bruins camaraderie that we've come to know, the brotherhood that had so many vets downright distraught when they didn't get the job done these playoffs, that's very largely because of Torey Krug. Hopefully he instilled it deep enough to survive in his absence. 

2. That 2013 playoffs when he came in like a bat out of hell was stuff of legend. I vividly remember being at Figawi and Krug stopped a party with his play. Everyone gathered around to watch this kid. He was such a surprise that we made "Krug Life" shirts because Dave didn't even know how to pronounce his name yet. Not that Dave has a great history of hockey names, or really names in general, but the shirt actually became popular because everyone just wanted on the Krug Life train.

3. The Bruins had this video READY TO GO, like tweeted it roughly 30 minutes after it was announced he signed with St. Louis, so they never really made an actual effort to keep him. It was in the chamber for as soon as he was officially gone. The 6x6.5 number that was floating around the internet was pretty close to what he got, same AAV with an extra year, but I don't think that was ever really made and if it was then it wasn't made recently. The Bruins just wanted to move on. Which, I guess I understand if, as reported, they're interested in getting bigger. But I think the Bruins undervalued what Krug really meant to this team and city and I think not even sitting down with him at the negotiation table this year is a shitty way to handle a beloved player and could potentially affect new FA signings. If they don't care about Torey Krug, a homegrown fan favorite and beloved guy in the locker room, why would they care about you?

Oh, and go get Taylor Hall.