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Hump Day Playlists

Playlists from kmarko, KFC, Feits, Chief, Nate, and yours truly to help you survive the rest of the day.  As per usual, you’re welcome.

KFC’s #Mailtime Music – Every Mailtime intro song ever, seems like a great place to start.


Zollo’s Is It Friday Yet? – Maybe my favorite playlist I’ve made, guaranteed to get you through an afternoon.


KFC’s “White KFC” – Possibly the whitest playlist ever made.


Zollo’s “Bring Your Whole Crew” – The best rap playlist ever made.

Bring Your Whole Crew

kmarko’s Popped A Molly, I’m Sweatin. Woo! – The Blogfather chips in the best techno playlist of all time


Nate’s “90’s Music Throwdown” – All the biggest 90’s hits, from Nate’s weekly blog series.

90s music throwdown

Chief’s “Gone Country” – Chief hit us with some fire country flames for the summer.

Gone Country

Feitelberg’s “Getting In Shape, KFC’s Wedding Edition” – Not sure if it worked, but it was a damn good playlist.

Get In Shape KFC Wedding Edition 2