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Oops, I Did It Again! (VMA Performance)

That overgrown asshole Large has been sitting in the Top 5 of the site all day with his "well written" and "extremely funny" blog about him shitting himself on his way back from the movies. So in an attempt to knock him down a peg or at least steal a couple of pageviews from that bald fuck, I have resorted to the best weapon in my arsenal: Nostalgia Smut. There is a case to be made that new smut trumps nostalgia smut. But I am so washed that I can safely say I go on Instagram less than any person at Barstool and the number reason I do go on is to look at the ads that somehow hit the bullseye of everything I never knew I NEEDED. 

Which is why I am rolling with this oldie but goodie as my nostalgic napalm pageview bomb. It may look tame in 2020. But this performance caused the brains, amongst other things, of every warm-blooded male and more than a fair share of females to explode along with being the topic of discussion at every school the next day since the VMAs always unofficially ushered in a new school year.

So even though Barstool has grown infinitely since when I started blogging here 6 years ago, I imagine this blog will end up in the Top 5 if the Stoolies of today are anything like the Stoolies of yesteryear.

BONUS: Original musicvideo to keep you smut lovers hanging around

Love you guys.