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Rear Admiral Explains The Proper Way To Clean Your Hat

A couple of episodes ago on Chiclets, Biz commented that my white Quebec Nordiques hat was probably in a foul state because it was part of my podcast uni for the duration of the playoffs. However, I informed him that it was fresh as a daisy because I had recently cleaned it with my fool-proof method.

So what is this life-changing advice?

Giphy Images.

And for you dishwasher folks…

(Don't even think about using a washing machine.)

As one of the Stool's elder statesmen, of course I still use Old Spice, Clubman, and a bar of soap so I can't speak for "body wash". But if it's essentially just soap, you should be good.

I still rock my N.W.A.-era L.A. Kings hat after a handful of cleanings.

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"Not on your life, my Hindu friend."

As a formerly bald guy who typically avoids the sun, I was never a big trucker hat guy (until we dropped these sick NBD lids). But I'd have no problem taking one in the shower with me.

Shower with your dirty hat now, thank me later.