Here Are A Bunch Of Taylor Hall Highlights To Take You Into The Weekend (And Free Agency)

From being the MVP of the league just two seasons ago to being the most sought after free agent in 2020, head into the weekend with some Taylor Hall highlights. I think sometimes people forget how electric this guy actually is on the ice. From his speed, to his shot, to his overall grit, the guy plays the game of hockey exactly like it should be played. He really doesn't have many flaws out there either? Which is kind of confusing why he has been on three teams in the past five years. I guess because everyone expected him to get a monster payday this offseason. Another dude who is getting bent over because of the flat cap. Hall was probably expecting something north of $8-9m per season for the full 7 years. who knows what he'll get now. There are reports he could even be looking at a two-year, win-now deal. Regardless, this guy is a fucking blast to watch play hockey. So head into the weekend watching someone who is much better at hockey than both you and I.