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Let's Talk About Some Of The Worst Plays In NFL History

This video is great. Straight out of 1933, pretty good quality considering we are talking about a video shot before World War II.

The play? It's awful, but that's how football looked in 1933. Haven't seen a roughing the passer like this in years:

Is this the worst play in NFL history? Here are other examples of awful, awful plays:

Nick Mullens:

This one from last weekend? So, so bad. I can't stop thinking about it.

The Butt Fumble:

Fake Punt:

Miracle At The Meadowlands:

Fake Washington Football Team Field Goal:

Jets Kickoff TD:

I may be missing a few. I left off some obvious ones (Dan Orlovsky running out of end zone). Tried to focus more on dumb play calls than performance.