You Have To Respect Nick Young For Doubling Down On His Terrible LeBron/MJ Take

Once again I will put the same graphic in this blog as I did in my previous blog about this topic

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You would have thought that maybe once Nick Young came down from his extremely elevated high that he would have realized how silly he sounded in his initial tweet. Well, jokes on us because he did no such thing. In fact, he doubled down. 

Even while his latest tweet sort of contradicts what his whole point was. It was about "superstars" right? Well then you can't then talk about Tony Parker/Manu/Draymond/Iggy etc. He also didn't have to handle Draymond in that one Game 6 which definitely impacted that series. I still find it hilarious that according to Nick Young, LeBron is the GOAT despite losing to those teams yet Jordan beat his combination of all time greats and that works against him. That seems off. Think of how many HOF caliber players do not have rings because of Michael Jordan. 

Like I said. I sort respect Nick Young from not backing down from this ridiculous claim. That's called being take committed. Even if he's only making himself look worse and for sure doesn't realize it. I envision him taking a nice long rip of his blunt, typing that out and hitting send thinking he just dunked on everyone on Twitter. In reality, it was more like this

But that's why Nick Young is the best. Irrational confidence like you read about, even when he's making no goddamn sense.