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Bussin’ With the Boys is Doing Spooktober. What Is It And What Are the Rules?

It’s October, and as you may or may not know given that time has simultaneously flown and slowed to a halt in the age of Corona, for the Boys Will and Taylor that means it’s their favorite time of the year. 


What on earth is Spooktober? Why has it become a movement that has taken the internet by storm, and divided Twitter into Halloween die hards, and the no fun police? 

The boys Taylor and Will LOVE the month of October and got so fired up about the month leading up to All Hallows Eve, they decorated the bus with cobwebs and ghouls and goblins. They created rules, merch, and an entire campaign for us all to “Embrace The Spook” aka being Scurred. 

What are the rules? 

  1. Refer to October As Spooktober

  2. Every single day you must watch a Halloween themed, or scary movie or something that has some Spooky in it. Start with OG slasher.

    1. Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Halloween

    2. Taylor will not allow ANYTHING on his TV besides Halloween movies in the month of October

  3. Every Weekend go and see a Haunted House or to a Spooky Spot, or something Halloween themed. Decorate your apartment. Embrace the Spook. 

  4. Buy The Merch- It’s a holiday all month long 

In addition, definitely listen to the Spooktober episodes of Bussin With The Boys throughout October. The Boys will be talking Halloween all month long. 

More importantly, if you’re in Nashville, Bussin’ will also be hosting some cool events. If you’re around on the 11th check out the Bussin’ tailgate below!