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Southwest Airlines Forced A Woman Off Her Flight Because Her Top Was Too Low And Only Allowed Her On Once She Wore The Pilot's Shirt

What the fuck is this, Southwest? I'd expect this type of oppressive behavior from fancy big wig airlines like American or Delta. But the airline that essentially allows Royal Rumbles decide their seating chart should have no problem with some tatas breathing that sweet recycled airplane air. Uzi Suzy wasn't even wearing anything that outrageous for 2020. 1920? Sure! But we no longer live in a society where everyone wears their Sunday best while flying in a tin can. You are lucky to have people keep their socks and shoes on the entire time. In this crazy coronaworld, you should be allowed to throw your boobs wherever you want as long as you have a mask on (I feel like Spirit probably doesn't enforce masks or clothes on their flights).

You can even tell by the way the gate attendant was scrolling every line of the Southwest rule book looking for any sort of rule about low cut clothes or smuggling bombs, which I imagine is written on an airport bar cocktail napkin, knew that this was all a bunch of malarkey.

Even the captain, who was cool as fuck, knew this was bullshit.

 "They hating on you cuz you looking good" is an allllllll time line. That is the kind of swagger of a guy who should be pushing Air Force One through the skies, not hitting cruising altitudes for a Triple-A airline. There are airplane pilots and airplane captains. That dude is an airplane captain, from his cool nature defusing the situation to the t-shirt he had packed for himself that he let sweet Uzi Suzy borrow.

I can only see half of that shirt but I am fully confident it is an AWESOME shirt that is, as was the ending of this thread. 

Fuck your Soundclouds, we've evolved to plugging YouTube channels and Cold Stone giveaways. Hope I win that Cold Stone gift card. No better way to cap off a Pizza Friday than watching some high school kid working every muscle in their body to make you a sundae. Welp, guess I'm getting a Love It sized Birthday Cake Remix tonight. Thanks Uzi Suzy!