Kevin Durant Breaking Down Jimmy Butler's Epic Finals Performance Was Very Cool

I love these breakdowns. Cannot get enough of them. Ever since Kobe first started doing them they have always been instant watches for me. I just love listening to people who know the game of basketball on such an insanely high level talk through what they see. So the fact that Kevin Durant has picked up the torch and is now doing some of these breakdowns is great for basketball fans everywhere. Sure you may think he gets triggered online and whatnot, but I could listen to Durant talk about basketball for hours

Durant has forgotten more about basketball than a lot of people ever knew in the first place. So hearing him explain how MIA exploits mismatches, the way LeBron attacks the switch, it was all very cool for those of us who are into this sort of thing. I hope these continue with different players picking up the mic and breaking down film. I'd love to see one from CP3, Harden, Luka, Steph, etc.

Now for some inception level shit, here's the one that Kobe did on Durant