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Tom Brady Is Afraid Of The Boogey Man, And That Boogey Man Is Nick Foles

After the Super Bowl, I could kind of understand it. Here was Tom Brady going up against a backup quarterback thinking that he had a layup to get his 6th ring. And then not only did his team end up losing that game, but he got completely outplayed and out classed by Nick Foles. I would have ran away like a coward as well. Get off the field as soon as possible and hope people forget how much better Nick Foles played than the GOAT. It wasn't the case and it only made him look even worse, but it was understandable. 

But a regular season game in week 5 while both quarterbacks and now playing for different teams? Well that is just admitting that Nick Foles owns your life. That is addmitting that Nick Foles is the monster under your bed who keeps you up at night. The man was so worried about losing to Nick Foles again that he didn't even realize it was 4th down. 

Now maybe Tommy Boy just didn't want to run the risk of catching COVID in these uncertain times. But if we're talking about potential outbreaks here, you'd think that maybe Brady would want to catch some of whatever it is that Big Dick Nick has going on. You'd think he'd want to harness some of that ridiculously large hog energy that Foles has been wielding over him for quite some time now. Kinda like in Space Jam when the Monstars suck all the power out of Charles Barkley, Tom Brady could zap the power out of Nick Foles. But again, he's just too afraid to confront his fears. Too much of a coward to stare Nick Foles in the eye, shake his hand and say good game. And until that happens, it'll just be the same thing over and over and over again. 

I just hope that no children in the Tampa Bay area end up dressing as Nick Foles for Halloween when they're trick-or-treating around Tom's neighborhood. Not sure if he can handle that much spookiness in his old age.