Goodell Refuses To Step Down Part II:

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I thought Furher Goodell already denied this request?  Now he’s officially denying the request to recuse himself?  Got it.   Again I’m holding out hope that the only reason he’s doing this is because he made a handshake agreement with Mr. Kraft to throw out the suspension.   Granted if let anybody with a brain oversee it then it would 100% get thrown out but he’d look like a buffoon in that case.  This is his way of saving face.  Like look how open minded I am.  I don’t hate the Patriots.  I just ruled in your favor.  Who cares if it’s all my fault it got this far and the damage is done already in the court of public opinion?  I just rode in on my white horse and saved the day blah, blah, blah.


PS – I got a kick out of Goodell saying he’s not a necessary or an appropriate witness so that’s why he’s not stepping down.  Imagine if you could use that logic in the real world?  Nah sorry you can’t call me as a witness.  Who cares that I’ve lied and concealed facts in the past?  Who cares that I may have committed a crime?   Who cares that my last 3 rulings have all been overturned?  I’ve determined that I’m not worth being called as a witness so I chose not to let myself be called as a witness.  Thanks though.   Unreal.