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Wake Up With All 24 Home Runs Hit By The Astros And Athletics In Their Series

Well, well, well it looks like the bad boys of baseball have found Michael's Magic Stuff and they are heating up at the right time. Barely sneaking into the playoffs with a losing record, and now they're in the ALCS. No one doubted they could do it, they just played like shit all season. Well the bats came alive vs Oakland, hell, the Athletics' bats came alive too. 24 home runs between the 2 squads in this series. Houston alone scored 33 runs in the 4 games. Carlos Correra had enough of everyone having something to say about his comments and decided it was time to back it up. Michael Brantley, one of the most underrated hitters in baseball, had a pair yesterday, Altuve came alive, they are hitting at the perfect time. Veteran team who has the entire world rooting against them, they are going to be a scary team going forward. Trying to pick a team to root for if it's Houston - New York in the ALCS is going to give me an ulcer. 

Enjoy your Friday, friends.