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Check Out This Amazing Tour Of Eddie Van Halen's Home Studio From 1998

This came up in my actual YouTube 'Recommended For You' column this evening, and it was such an awesome watch, and so purely rock n' roll that I felt the need to share it with all of you. Figured a lot of you would get as much a kick outta watchin this as I did, and also figured - the more Eddie Van Halen tribute blogs this week, the better!

"It's music theory, not music fact - there are no rules." -Eddie Van Halen


P.S. I know it's a such cliche take at this point, but I really do wish MTV would reverse course back into music content like this over their 24/7 Ridiculousness marathons. I'm not even askin for rock n' roll content; show me what Drake or Post Malone's home studios look like, give us a Behind The Music on Lil Baby and Migos, do Cribz with the biggest rappers in the game, I don't care - just talk about music again!