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Report: Broncos at Patriots Has Been Moved to Monday Night

As a fan or Sunday football, this report, if true, does kind of suck. I don’t know a football fan who doesn’t prefer Sunday games so that most sacred day can be reserved for the simple joys of blowing off all other obligations in order to meld into the sofa destroying your body with sweet booze and comfort food like a free, irresponsible American. The number of significant others who couldn’t ruin an NFL Sunday with Apple Picking or leaf peeping excursions is immeasurable.

So it brings no one in New England any pleasure that for the second week in a row a perfectly good Sunday afternoon game has been move to Monday night. None, whatsoever. Even if it does give the Patriots an extra day to get their best offensive player and their best defensive player healthy. The selfish interests of that extra influx of talent is not how we roll in the great Northeast.

Although good luck convincing the people of Denver to believe that. Because they are PISSED.

Yeah, go ahead and feel sorry for yourselves. But don’t blame the Patriots.The real concern should be on keeping Broncos players safe. Just concentrate on how you’ll stop the MVP and the DPOTY.