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I Would Never In A Million Years Trade Joakim Noah For Dwight Howard

Joakim Noah Last Night


Dwight Howard Last Night

On Dwight’s Stats

“People look at stats, and sometimes I myself look at and get caught up in stats, but stats don’t determine the game,”

On Dwight’s Relationship with Kobe

One example of the rocky relationship between the two Western Conference All-Star starters, according to a league source, was a game this season when Howard harped to a teammate about the disparity between his and Bryant’s shots while sitting on the bench. The teammate called Bryant over so Howard could tell it to Bryant’s face, but the center refused to speak up.



I feel like this happens every year now. Every time Dwight Howard trade rumors start there are always a bunch of people that say a trade to the Bulls makes sense. That teaming Dwight Howard and D-Rose together would be unstoppable. Well I’m done with it. At this point I would never in a million years give up Joakim Noah for Dwight Howard. And don’t confuse that with Joakim Noah is a better basketball player than Dwight Howard because obviously from a pure talent standpoint Dwight Howard can be absolutely dominant. But unfortunately for him basketball isn’t all about talent. Its also about being a good teammate, wanting to win, working together. Basically everything Dwight Howard sucks at and Joakim Noah has in spades.


Joakim Noah is one of the top 5 most under appreciated players in the league. People always say that the problem with the NBA is that no one tries for all 82 games. That the effort is spotty. Well not with Jo. Guy gives everything he has on every single play. He’s a guy you can win a championship with, and honestly I’m not sure you can say the same thing about Dwight Howard. Thibs would absolutely DESTROY Dwight Howard. He has no mental toughness. No drive to be better. All he wants to do is coast while everyone suck his dick and tell him he’s hilarious. What do you think would have happened if Thibs benched Dwight Howard for the last 23 minutes of a game like he did with Jo on Saturday? He probably would have already demanded a trade and leaked a bunch of dirty laundry to the press. What did Noah do? Took it like a man and got better. So any Bulls fan out there that still wants Dwight Howard stop. Putting Joakim Noah and Dwight Howard in the same breath at this point is straight up offensive. I’d never want “Superman” over what we have now. Never.


Totally aside. Has anyone ever noticed that white people say Dwight and black people say DUH-WIGHT? Am I the only one that notices that? Not saying it bothers me, I just want to know why.