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Redneck Baseball Is Simply Genius



Further proof that true genius can happen anywhere at any time. Doesn’t matter if you were born into a rich family with a silver spoon in your mouth or if you were born into a redneck lifestyle with a can of Bud heavy in your mouth.  Genius is genius in any form and it’ll rise to the top regardless of setting. Some geniuses change the world and come up with cures for horrific diseases.  Some geniuses figure out economics (what?) and change their field forever.  And some geniuses tie a ball to the end of a fishing pole so they don’t have to stand up and go get it.  It takes all kinds.


PS- Kid has a better swing than I do.  That’s quite the compliment too because I was a beast in tee-ball.  Most home runs the league had ever seen.  I probably could’ve gone pro in baseball if I didn’t focus all of my efforts on being a star linebacker/drinking a lot.